Building supervision

Do you want a new build boat or to refit your current boat? YachtServicesNLgives advise and specializes in building supervision. YachtServicesNL is not a licensed ship-broker, so we have no conflict of interests and we are in your corner when it comes to commissioning works to your boat. Professional building supervision should mean a significant reduction in possible defects and will increase the peace of mind from your new boat. During engineering phase we know your needs and are able to discuss any variation to the contract or build-specification. During the building we can represent your interests on site. In this case we are able to meet the contractual agreements as well as to identify if the payment terms are being met. During commissioning we will be present at every inspection and make sure the functionality and safety aspects of the boat will meet the highest standards, and give you peace of mind of quality assurance.During sea trial we will test the vessel conforms to the rigours of a tailor made sea trial programme, in accordance with your needs.

During these tests the vessel will be tested on all items to the maximum of the boat’s capabilities, therefore we trust that any problem which arises during these trials will be fixed on location and we can hand-over a vessel that is optimised, seaworthy, and ready to sail. With YachtServicesNL you’ll experience the pleasure of your vessel even as it is being built, without ever needing to set foot in the shipyard. We will send you frequent and timely updates regarding planning and progress. If you wish we can handle the financial management and administration of the build process. If you would like to have your boat moored at your holiday location YachtServicesNL will be able to deliver your yacht to any location in the world, to meet you as you arrive. With this option YachtServicesNL gives you a VIP experience at a business class price.